A safe way to medically end a pregnancy; must be performed by a doctor.

Choosing not to have sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal). For some people this may include other sexual activities such as oral sex.

Stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a medical condition that is caused by HIV. When a person has AIDS, they have a number of infections that eventually results in death.

Form of sex where the penis is inserted into the anus.

Licking or sucking on and around the anus; oral sex on the anus.

Bum; the opening where poop leaves the body.

Used to describe a person who is sexually excited.


Slang word for testicles

Slang word for having sexual intercourse

Ways to prevent pregnancy

Someone who is attracted to both men and women on many levels – emotionally, intellectually and sexually – and defines himself or herself as bisexual.

Part of the male and female body where pee is stored

Slang word for oral sex on the penis

Slang word for erection

Slang word for breasts

Sensitive glands on a female’s chest that make milk after a female gives birth


Lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina

A procedure that removes the foreskin of the penis, usually done at birth

Slang term for clitoris

Part of the body that gives sexual pleasure to women, located at the top of the vagina. Stimulation leads to orgasm

Slang term for a penis

When a person tells others their sexual orientation or gender identity

When the egg and sperm join together

Covering that can be used during sex to prevent STIs and pregnancy; both male condoms and female condoms are available

Ways of preventing pregnancy from happening; birth control

Licking or sucking a woman’s genitals; oral sex on a woman


Prescription method of birth control which requires a needle every 12 weeks; also known as ‘the shot’

Rubber cup inserted in the vagina before sex that prevents pregnancy but does not protect against STIs

Slang for penis

Penis-shaped sex toy

Washing inside the vagina or the anus


Slang for oral sex on a woman

Cells that can be fertilized by a male’s sperm to create a baby; released from the ovary once each month

When semen spurts out of a man’s penis at orgasm; sometimes women ejaculate

Used to prevent a pregnancy after intercourse if no other type of birth control was used at the time of intercourse.

A tube through which the sperm leave the testes


Tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a condition caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It results in life-long mental and emotional challenges for the baby

Licking or sucking penis and/or testicles; oral sex on a male

Covering worn inside the vagina to prevent semen and pre-cum from entering a female’s body

Skin covering the head of a man’s penis; may be surgically removed at birth in a procedure called circumcision


A man who is attracted to other men.

A woman who is attracted to other women.

How one shows they are a man or a woman through clothes, mannerisms, actions, voice, hair style, makeup and grooming – which may or may not match their sex at birth.

A person’s feelings about whether they are a man or woman – which may or may not be the same as their sex at birth.

An STI that causes small bumps around the genitals, anus or mouth

External parts of the reproductive system (vagina, labia and clitoris for girls; penis and scrotum for boys)

An STI that often has no symptoms and can be easily treated. Also known as ‘the clap’ or ‘the drip’


Slang term for erection

Vaccine-preventable STI that if left untreated can damage the liver

Someone who is attracted to members of the opposite sex on many levels – emotionally, intellectually and sexually – and defines his or herself as straight.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus is an STI that weakens a person’s immune system, eventually leading to AIDS. It is transmitted through bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk.

All people who are only attracted to the same sex


Human Papillomavirus is an STI that causes genital warts and is also linked to some forms of cancer of the cervix in women


The penis entering either the vagina or the anus


Skin flaps that cover the vaginal opening, clitoris and urethra

A woman who is attracted to women. A lesbian is a woman who prefers other women on many levels – emotionally, intellectually and sexually—and defines herself as lesbian.

A common acronym used for sexual diversity is LGBT, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

A liquid substance that reduces rubbing during sex and may make condoms feel more natural


Covering worn on the penis that prevents semen and pre-cum from entering his partner’s body

Touching your own sexual organs for pleasure

When a female’s menstrual cycle stops

The blood and lining of the uterus that is shed each month

When the blood and lining that develops in the uterus each month is shed through the vagina each month when a female is not pregnant

Being sexually active and/or romantically involved with only one person at a time


A piece of plastic used to cover the vagina or anus during oral sex for protection against sexually transmitted infections. It can be placed on the vagina or anus and held in place during oral sex. If you don’t have anoral dental dam, you can make your own by cutting a condom in half.

Using the mouth and/or tongue to stimulate a partner’s genital area or anus

Pleasurable feeling at the climax of sexual excitement

Part of the female body where eggs are stored; connected to the fallopian tubes

The release of an egg from a female’s ovaries


Medical test that looks at a female’s cervix to check for cancer

When the blood and lining that develops in the uterus each month is shed through the vagina each month when a female is not pregnant

Fluid that gets released from a man’s penis when he has an erection and before he has an orgasm and ejaculates. It contains sperm and can cause pregnancy; pre-cum can also transmit an STI.

A fertilized egg, up to 14 days, before it implants in the uterus.

Physical and emotional changes during which children become young adults.

Coarse, dark hair that grows around the genital area in females and males.

When a man takes his penis out of his partner’s body before ejaculation; not an effective form of birth control.


Formerly a negative term and still used in that way by some heterosexuals to describe people with other sexual orientations. Today the term is used by many LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) people to include anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered – but not straight.


Slang term for analingus


Loose bag of skin that holds the testes and helps keep them at a consistent temperature

Fluid, pus, liquid or other substance that comes out of the body

Fluid released from a man’s penis during ejaculation that includes sperm

A toy used for sexual gratification such as dildo, vibrator and/or flesh like vagina.

Who you are attracted to physically, sexually and/or romantically

The way a person expresses themselves sexually, their thoughts, feelings and desires about sexual activities and relationships

A cell found in semen that fertilizes a female’s egg to create a baby.

Unable to have children


Sexually transmitted infections are spread through sexual contact including skin-to-skin contact and the exchange of body fluids. If left untreated, STIs can make people very sick.

A slang term for a heterosexual person

Taking your own life


Plural form of testicle; part of the male’s genital area where sperm are produced and stored. The testes are protected by the scrotum.

Singular form of testes; part of the male’s genital area where sperm are produced and stored.

A simple way for men to check themselves for the beginning of testicular cancer; should be done once per month by all males over 14.

A male hormone that is made in the testes. It controls things like facial and body hair.

Someone who is not comfortable with (or rejects) their birth gender. The term includes transsexuals, transmen (FTM), transwomen (MTF), transvestites and cross dressers.

Someone who has strong and lasting feelings that they are the wrong sex. Some, but not all, transsexuals have full or partial sex reassignment surgery (when a man or woman changes his/her genitalia to that of the opposite sex) and/or hormone therapy.


Tube that carries pees from the bladder to outside your body.

Muscular reproductive organ inside a woman’s body where a baby develops in a normal pregnancy


Passage way between the uterus and the outside of a female’s body

Form of sex where the penis is inserted into the vagina

Tube that carries sperm from the testes to the urethra for ejaculation

A person who has never had intercourse (penile-vaginal or penile-anal)

Female sex organs on the outside of the body – clitoris, labia and vaginal opening


Release of semen from a boy’s penis while he is sleeping; common during puberty


An egg that has just been fertilized by a sperm