Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is the broad term for all forms of violence that are expressed in a sexual way, without permission or consent. Sexual violence often happens between two people who know each other. 

Sexual Harassment Any behavior or communication directed at someone that attacks their sexuality, sexual identity, or sense of safety. Sexual harassment is not physical. Examples of sexual harassment include catcalling or whistling, and sexual gestures or words.
Sexual Assault

Any type of sexual contact that happens without permission or consent. Sexual contact can mean touching, grabbing, forced kissing, as well as digital, oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Sexual assault is a crime.

Preventing Access to Safe Sex

A person’s behaviour puts the other person at risk when they have sex. For example, the abuser refuses to wear a condom, even if the person asks them to.

Sex Trafficking A form of sexual exploitation where a victim is forced into situations of dependency and used to perform sexual services through force, fraud, or coercion. 
Child Sexual Abuse  Any sexual activity with a minor – someone under 18 years old.

  • Taking or sharing sexual photos or videos of a minor; showing sexual photos or videos to a minor
  • Touching a minor sexually; asking a minor to touch a person sexually
  • Talking in a sexual manner over the phone or internet