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Every person has the right to healthy relationships and safe sex. This includes freedom from abuse and access to condoms, birth control, emergency contraceptives, and safe abortion.

Abuse can happen in any relationship. It is not healthy and it is never okay. If you experience abuse, remember it is not your fault. Talk to someone you trust, visit the health centre, call Nunavut Victim Services: 1-866-456-5216 email at

There are Community Justice Outreach workers who can help with different kinds of protection orders.

Community Justice Outreach workers are available in each Nunavut community:

Community Justice Outreach Workers                

North Baffin                                                                             

Arctic Bay          867 439 8183                                                   

Grise Fiord        867 980 4099                                                   

Hall Beach         867 928 8120                                                  

Igloolik               867 934 8830                                                        

Pond Inlet          867 899 8225

Resolute Bay     867 252 3005                                                                                                                    

Cape Dorset      867 897 3686                                                

Clyde River        867 924 6565

Kimmirut            867 939 2001

Pangnirtung       867 473 8018

Qikiqtarjuaq      867 927 8089

Sanikiluaq        867 266 7905                                                   


Arviat                    867 857 2959                                                           

Baker Lake           867 793 2045

Chesterfield Inlet  867 898 9045

Coral Harbour       867 925 8222

Rankin Inlet           867 645 2039

Naujaat                  867 462 4007

Whale Cove          867 896 9961                                               


Cambridge Bay    867 983 4220                                          

Gjoa Haven          867 360 7822

Kugaaruk              867 769 6281

Taloyoak               867 561 2305

Kugluktuk              867 882 6510


Community Specialist

Headquarters: 867-975-6337

OnCall After Hours: 1 844 534 1038

North Baffin: 867 899 7370

South Baffin: 867 897 3642

Kivalliq: 867 645 4530

Kitikmeot: 867 983 4092           

There are family violence shelters in the following communities:

  • Cambridge Bay, St. Michael’s Crisis Shelter: (867) 983-5232
  • Iqaluit, Qimavvik Shelter: (867) 979-4500
  • Kugaaruk Family Violence Centre: (867) 769-6100
  • Kugluktuk Women's Crisis Centre: (867) 982-3210
  • Rankin Inlet, Kataujaq Society Shelter: (867) 645-2214

If there are no shelters in your community, contact your local RCMP or social services.

For more information about family violence:
Government of Nunavut Department of Family Services 

If you live in Nunavik, click here.

You are not alone. If you feel stress or struggle to deal with a mental illness, there is help. Talk to someone you trust—family member, friend, Elder, counselor, teacher, social worker, mental health worker, or nurse.

If you or someone you care about has thoughts of hurting yourself, call a crisis line or emergency number, or visit the health centre right away.

To talk to someone, call:

  • Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Help Line
    Iqaluit: 867-979-3333
    Anywhere in Canada: 1-800-265-3333
  • Kids Help Phone
  • Iqaluit Mental Health
    Toll free: 1-888-331-5900
  • Illisaqsivik Society
    1-888-331-4433 (Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00)
  • Local health, wellness, or public health centre.

For more information:

If you live in Nunavik, click here.

Puberty is a natural part of growing up. You may feel weird, confused, or even scared because your body is trying to get used to all the new changes.

Remember you are not alone. Sometimes it helps to talk to an adult you trust—a parent, relative, nurse, counselor, or teacher.

Visit these links to learn more about puberty: 

If you live in Nunavik, click here.

Are you anxious or confused about your gender identity and sexual orientation, or do you know someone who is? Every person deserves respect—no matter their gender identity and sexual orientation.

The CHOICES Graphic Novel is a great story about teens in Nunavut dealing with sex and relationships.

Community-based youth groups can provide valuable opportunities for teens to talk about being and supporting LGBTTQ changed to people, and other issues related to sexuality.

  • Learn more about gender and sexuality. TeensHealth - Sexual Attraction and Orientation.
  • Talk to someone you trust—a counsellor, teacher, nurse, or mental health worker. Tell a trusted adult if you know about bullying or any other violence.
  • Respect a person’s decision if they want to keep their sexual orientation or gender identity secret.
  • Support someone who tells you about their gender identity or sexual orientation. Let them know you care about them, no matter what.
  • Call a help line:
  • Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Help Line
    Iqaluit: 867-979-3333
    Anywhere in Canada: 1-800-265-3333
  • Kids Help Phone

If you live in Nunavik, click here.

Smoking, drugs, and alcohol are very addictive. It is hard to quit once you start, but there is help. Talk to someone you trust—family member, friend, counselor, teacher, nurse, or Elder.

If you live in Nunavik, click here.