Female Reproductive System

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Learning More about the Female Body

The reproductive part of a female’s body can give her pleasurable sexual feelings, allow her to have sexual intercourse, have orgasms, become pregnant and give birth. Any girl who has begun her period can become pregnant if sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

Almost all of the parts in the genital area of a female’s body make up her reproductive system. The reproductive system has both outside and inside parts. Each part has a medical name and there are lots of other names that people sometimes use.

Rollover the female reproductive parts to learn more.


Sensitive to sexual stimulus; make breast milk at birth, to feed the baby.

Inside the female body

  • 1Ovaries

    Each woman has two ovaries, one on each side of the uterus. Ovaries store many tiny eggs and release one each month into the fallopian tubes—ovulation.

  • 2Fallopian tubes

    Connect the ovaries to the uterus. The egg travels through one of the fallopian tubes to the uterus.

  • 3Uterus or womb

    A pear-shaped organ where a baby grows. When an egg joins a sperm, a woman becomes pregnant.

  • 4Cervix

    The narrow bottom end of the uterus that connects to the vagina.

  • 5Vagina

    A tube that connects the uterus to outside the body. This is where menstrual blood and fluid come out. It is also where the penis is inserted during vaginal sex.

  • 6Urethra

    A tube that carries pee from the bladder to outside the body.

Outside the female body—genitals

Female have three openings between their legs. The urethra, the vagina, and the anus.

  • Vulva

    A name for all the outside parts of the female reproductive system.

  • 1Labia

    Two sets of skin flaps: the outer, thicker flap covers the rest of the vulva; the inner, thinner flap covers the vaginal opening and urethra.

  • 2Clitoris

    This small part of the vulva is very sensitive to sexual stimulus.

  • 3Vaginal opening

    Where the penis enters during sex; where menstrual blood leaves the body; where a baby leaves the body during birth.

  • 4Anus

    The opening of the bum, where stool (poop) comes out.