Myths and Facts about Smoking

Myth: Smoking is a choice.
Fact: The first time, yes. After a few cigarettes, not so much. Nicotine addiction happens quickly. Breaking that addiction can be very hard.

Myth: Trying smoking once is no big deal.
Fact: Just one breath of tobacco smoke can damage your body.

Myth: Filters make cigarettes safer.
Fact: Filters do not protect you. They make smoke particles smaller. That makes nicotine easier to absorb, which increases addiction.

Myth: After so much time it’s too late to quit, the damage is done.
Fact: Your health improves as soon as you quit—no matter your age. The longer you smoke, the more harm happens to your body.

Myth: Second-hand smoke may bother people, but it isn’t dangerous.
Fact: People who breathe second-hand smoke inhale the same harmful chemicals that smokers do. Second-hand smoke causes cancer and other diseases—even in people who never smoked.

Myth: Smoking marijuana/weed/dope is not as bad as smoking cigarettes.
Fact: Marijuana smoke damages your lungs. Using marijuana can cause serious health effects, such as memory loss, trouble concentrating, depression, and weakened immune system.