Puberty Myths and Facts

Myth: If a female has her period she cannot swim, run, etc.
Fact: During her period, a female can do anything she normally does. Exercise can help reduce cramps and improve mood. Use tampons or menstrual cups for swimming.

Myth: Period blood is dirty.
Fact: Period blood is the same as blood from a nosebleed or cut. It is a natural body function for females.

Myth: It is not normal for boys to release semen in their sleep.
Fact: This is completely natural—nocturnal emissions or “wet dreams”. This often happens when boys have sexual dreams.

Myth: A female cannot get pregnant if she has sex during her period.
Fact: A female can get pregnant any time she has sex without reliable birth control. Sperm survive up to five days inside the female body and ovulation can happen during a period. There is a chance the sperm and egg will get together. A sexually active couple—male and female, that do not want to get pregnant, should always use reliable birth control.

Myth: A female who uses a tampon loses her virginity.
Fact: A virgin is a male or female person who has never had sex. Using a tampon is not the same as having sex.

Myth: A penis has a bone in it.
Fact: Even though we sometimes call an erect penis a “boner”, the penis has no bone in it. A rush of blood into the penis causes an erection.

Myth: The size of a male penis is related to the size of his hands or feet.
Fact: Penis size has nothing to do with the size of a man’s hands or feet.

Myth: Eating junk food/chocolate causes acne.
Fact: During puberty, hormones make more oil under your skin, and this causes acne, not junk food or anything else you eat. Eating junk food every day can cause other health problems, so choose healthy foods.