Are you anxious or confused about your gender identity and sexual orientation, or do you know someone who is? Every person deserves respect—no matter their gender identity and sexual orientation.

The CHOICES Graphic Novel is a great story about teens in Nunavut dealing with sex and relationships.

Community-based youth groups can provide valuable opportunities for teens to talk about being and supporting LGBTTQ changed to people, and other issues related to sexuality.

  • Learn more about gender and sexuality. TeensHealth - Sexual Attraction and Orientation.
  • Talk to someone you trust—a counsellor, teacher, nurse, or mental health worker. Tell a trusted adult if you know about bullying or any other violence.
  • Respect a person’s decision if they want to keep their sexual orientation or gender identity secret.
  • Support someone who tells you about their gender identity or sexual orientation. Let them know you care about them, no matter what.
  • Call a help line:
  • Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Help Line
    Iqaluit: 867-979-3333
    Anywhere in Canada: 1-800-265-3333
  • Kids Help Phone

If you live in Nunavik, click here.